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Ras Algethi
Metallic toroid concatenation
Folks who live in Davis or work in Kendall: anyone for a morning pact? 
11th-Sep-2014 02:56 am
eUMa A0p
Hi, my name is aliothsan and I am TERRIBLE at mornings. Are you also terrible at mornings and looking for someone to vent with and mutually help? Are you great at mornings and eager to have a disciple converting from the Order of the Night Owl?

I would like to enter a "morning pact" with someone, in which we promise to check in with each other circa 8:30-9am around Davis, or circa 9-9:30am around Kendall. Ideally, this would involve a physical meeting and maybe sharing a caffeine solution or snacks or whatever (could be brought from home, don't have to go to a coffeeshop every day). Exact times are negotiable, but I don't want to be getting in to work at 11am. Hell, if you wanna do tai chi in Powderhouse Park* together, that would be even more awesome. (I kinda don't want to do a phone pact, because I can make a phone call from bed.)

I desire this sort of regular daily accountability to a specific person. I can't really get it at my work, because I work in a small office and there's neither the need nor the time for anyone to have a standing morning meeting with me.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested. If I don't get a response among people I know, I'll open it up to the broader Davis Square LJ.

* I do not know tai chi
11th-Sep-2014 11:11 am (UTC)
I think this is an awesome idea, but unfortunately, I need to be biking off for work no later than 7:30, which I think is earlier than you want to be up.

But good luck! And if you wanna do any sort of afternoon getting-things-done accountability, keep me in mind!

11th-Sep-2014 11:17 am (UTC)
I would happily do this in Davis-area on Mondays & Thursdays.
The other 3 mornings a week have me in Arlington from 8a.-9:30ish but I could meet up with you in Arlington or come to Davis/Kendall by 9:30 if that helps at all. I would have SuperCub with me any morning other than Mondays - hoping that would be ok?

Also, I'd be psyched to learn Tai Chi. So far, I'd only found a Tuesday evening class, which I really should start (it is rolling-entry) but I haven't

11th-Sep-2014 02:43 pm (UTC)
I can help at the Kendall end on MON and TUE. I have training on WED and FRI, and a dr's appt on THU, putting me in Kendall around 10:30 on those mornings.
12th-Sep-2014 01:18 pm (UTC)
I'm interested in the Kendall end! Any (or all) mornings works fine for me. My morning arrival time at work has slipped to around-10AM and I am totally failing to get myself back to the 9-9:30 time range...
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