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I recently ordered a Thinkpad x100e down arrow key from It cost about nine bucks including shipping, which is pretty exorbitant for one key, but so it goes when you buy one tiny little item -- a significant fraction of that was shipping, which it looks like they'll combine if you're ordering multiple individual keys. (Obviously the per-key price goes way down if you order a whole replacement keyboard, but that's not what I needed or wanted.)

The website is easy to use -- you choose your laptop make & model, and then it takes you to a page where there's a pictorial guide to telling which of a small number of manufacturers made your keyboard, so you can pick the same one to get your replacement key. This was all easy to use.

It took about a week to arrive. It arrived in a regular postal envelope. The keycap, the plastic clip thingy, and the little springy rubber cup were all folded up in what looked like part of a paper towel, which was taped to the invoice. I raised an eyebrow. Then again, you really don't need a padded envelope for something this small and flat. So, good on them for not wasting materials, I suppose.

The key installed easily and worked fine.

Conclusion: sure, these folks are fine, and not sketchy junk vendors.

NOTE: This review is of If you go to, it redirects you to I have not done business with, but it looks like they're pretty much the same -- and their "how to remove and reinstall keys" videos are better and easier to find by random googling.

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