Kelly Alioth Drinkwater (aliothsan) wrote,
Kelly Alioth Drinkwater

I can definitely feel myself getting better at biking -- less tired, using higher gears more often. The last time I bike-commuted frequently was when I lived at ET, and that was an irregular 15 minute ride. My current commute is much more regular and it's a half hour... or at least it used to be. When there's negligible traffic, I frequently beat that time by a few minutes, or so it seems, though I still allot half an hour in case of traffic or unpredictable tiredness.

The one annoying thing is that this seems to interact poorly with my "get to work earlier" plans. Because wow, when I bike on Beacon/Hampshire Street at rush hour... wow. So many slower cyclists, so many cars preventing safe opportunities to pass.

It occurs to me that something I usually like about biking is that there are usually very few other road users in my category out and about -- something I enjoy about walking and driving, too, when it's true. Not so much true when commuting at commute hour. I guess I should start taking recreational rides more often.
Tags: bike

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